Flex ace operating instructions

1) Insert Key and Rotate to Unlocked Position.

2) Insert Release Pin, Press in Firmly, and Rotate to Release Position.

3) Remove Key. Use Hook End of Release Pin to Remove Cap.

4) Insert Magnet End of Loader Tool and Be Certain to Remove All Seven Tumblers.

5) Insert New Pre-Loaded Coder Containing New Tumblers.

6) Insert Prong End of Loader Tool and Press In Firmly.

7) Remove Empty Coder and Loading Tool as One. Be Certain All Seven Pins Are in Place.

8) Replace Cap, Insert New Key, Press Cap in Firmly, and Rotate to Locked Position.

flex ace & change-matic locks

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Change-Matic Operating Instructions

1) Insert Change Key in Last Position Used. Rotate to New Desired Position. This Key Will Not Operate the Lock.

2) When the New Position is Reached, a Definite Click Will Be Heard and a Positive Ejection of the Change Key Will Be Felt.

3) Insert New Operating Key and Rotate the Key As Usual.

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